Red Eagle Creations was established July 24, 1998 in Texas. It was finally a dream come true for something I had wanted to do for many years. My mother had gotten me interested in making things. So I've been dabbling in making leather items for several years now. As my life changed, so did my goals and what I wanted to do. Obviously it took off from there and I have come a long way but have much more to do.

I am a member, supporter and volunteer of many of the American Indian organizations in the area and some in other areas. This includes the American Indian programs within the schools and colleges.

You can also find me most times in traditional regalia at the dances and cultural events. Of course, that is when I'm not busy trying to sell my Native American wares.

When I am not doing something within the American Indian community and making items for my business, I also work full-time for a company.

With the support and encouragement of family and friends, I have gone further than I ever could have without them. For each and every person who has helped me in any way, thank you for your faith, love and trust in me.

And for each person who has generously purchased American Indian crafts, herbs or medicine bags from me and those of you who have or will order from this web site or visit my booth at future events, my sincere appreciation and thanks. Without your interest in Red Eagle Creations and help, I would not be able to further my work and stay guided on my spiritual journeys in uniting all of Creator's children, human and creatures alike.

Most of my life I always felt that I didn't fit in anywhere. Although, growing up I knew I was part American Indian but was raised in a white world as a white. I battled depression, suicidal thoughts and many demons before I found my niche. It started out with me wanting to learn more about my ancestors and the American Indians in general. I began going to events and dances better known as pow-wows. It's impossible to put into words the emotions that crossed through me every time. Hearing the drum beat, watching the dancers in regalia, listening to the prayers in a tribal language had an overwhelming effect on me. It went deep into my heart and soul. The happiness I felt and the energy I received was a gift indeed. The more I was around, the more people talked to me and invited me to future functions.

One major turning point was around four years ago. I had gone to a pow-wow and was looking around at the vendor booths. One had some books, one of which kept drawing me to it. I was unemployed at the time and didn't think I had the money to spend on the book. I wandered off and as I again approached the same table, the book drew me to it. I picked it up and held it against my chest. I was battling myself whether I should buy the book. When I realized I had seriously again been thinking about ending my life I couldn't afford NOT to buy it. $14.00 was a very small price to pay but seemed like a fortune at the time. I knew this would help to be a major decision in my life. It took a couple months before I could read more than one or two sentences without crying. Once I made up my mind I had to get through this, I couldn't pull myself away. I called a friend who became one of my many mentors. I went to his trading post with the book in hand. He gave me some stones to get started making my medicine wheel and talked to me about different aspects of the traditional life. Within another couple months, I was calmer and the sparkle and life was back in my eyes. That did not go unnoticed by several people who told me how happy I looked. Usually, I could only reply thank you. I could not have nor was there any need to discuss how much anguish and torment I had been experiencing. The usual comment among my closer friends and acquaintances was "she's in a good place".

Learning to make medicine wheels from stones and what the various colors are for along with the different herbs has also been a major factor in my life the last several years. I always have a medicine bag in my purse along with a black and purple stones in the coin section of my wallet. I carry a bag of sage, lavender, red willow bark, cornmeal, tobacco/kinnikinnick and sweetgrass in my car. I always make sure to have a smudgestick with me. It makes me feel better in case I need it for an emergency or someone needs a blessing, prayer or my help. I always have an American Indian item hanging from the rear view mirror in my car, and throughout my humble abode, you will find dream catchers, mandellas, shields and medicine wheels.

I have done a sweat and had visions but have never done a vision quest. I have had some tremendous signs and spiritual undertakings that have left me speechless. At first I was frightened by what my journey was to be. I did not think my personality would ever allow me to be able to help unite. With the patience of Creator, guardian spirits, mentors, family, friends and lastly myself, I am well on my way to doing what is needed of me. The honor I feel by being chosen for this path quite frequently brings me to tears but they are tears of happiness and joy. I have tried to quit asking "why me" and continue to go forward the best I can. Occasionally I do need some prodding and I am always looking for helpers to show me the wisdom and guidance so I can do a good job. Those wonderful people come in all ages, shapes and sizes. Some of my best prodding and knowledge comes from the children. They are willing to teach what they know and are always wanting to expand their learning. This keeps me motivated and continually smiling when I watch the young ones at play or dancing. The American Indian children are always taught to show respect for their elders and they graciously keep in touch with that tradition.

One thing you may notice in the medicine bags I sell is they are not the more traditional colors of browns, yellows, black or white. I feel that as long as the pouch is used by it's owner for the intended purpose, Creator will not frown upon the more delicate and beautiful colors I use. But, when a friend of mine recently was gifted with a new niece, I sent her one of the children's medicine bags in white. That was my way of showing how sacred the new birth was.

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