Each of the children’s medicine bags has been made with sacred feather sage, tobacco and a small turquoise stone inside.

Each person has their own individual medicine bag that contains power objects. Bags can be of various sizes and contain a few or many objects. Herbs, stones, tobacco, animal bones, claws, feathers, cornmeal and fetishes are the most common. Also, a snip of your hair, a special jewelry piece or anything that is of significance to you can be put in your bag. If the bag is a gift, the owner has to add something of their own to it.

The most common herbs used are sage, sweetgrass, cedar and tobacco. Others that are often used are lavender, pinion and thyme.

Bags are usually worn around the neck but can be put on belts, in pockets or purses. These are the individual’s sacred bag and objects and cannot be opened by any one else. The person can take items out of the bag to show to people if so desired.

Stones can be taken out and other stones put in as wanted due to the needs of the owner. The other items need to always remain in the bag.

Larger items such as feathers can be wrapped in a larger bundle. Roots and rattles could also be put into this.

Each item in the bag is essentially a talisman and is representative of sacred power.

The most important thing to remember is that this bag is to increase the spirituality and sacred power of the owner. It is never to be used for evil or the bad of others. It is strictly to be used for the good of all.

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